The management, consisting of a research and a business director, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the foundation. Among other things, the research director focuses on the Foundation’s strategy concerning content, the acquisition and supervision of projects, and the activities of the scientific staff. The responsibilities of the business director involve managing the office personnel, dealing with administrative duties, and financial planning. The business director is also the secretary of the Foundation’s executive board. Both directors also participate in projects.


  • Prof.dr. E.B.A. (Erik) van der Vleuten
                     Research Director          
  • Dr. J.W.A (Jan) Korsten
  Business Director

Jan Korsten

Since 1999 dr. Jan Korsten (1966) is business director and program developer of the Foundation for the History of Technology. He coordinates the ongoing projects and research programs, is responsible for the financial management, is secretary of the SHT Executive Committee and the Tensions of Europe Network, co-organizes international meetings and conferences and is involved in project development. As historian he also participates in SHT projects, including public outreach projects. Among others he was involved in projects about the history of land planning, the history of Eindhoven and the Papyrus project

In the early nineties, after he finished business school, he studied economic and social history at Nijmegen University in the Netherlands. In 1996 he successfully finished his PhD project on the history of the LLTB, a farmers organization in the Dutch province of Limburg. From 1997 until 2000 he worked as freelance historian and journalist and was project leader of a cultural heritage project in Limburg. In this period he published several business histories. He is one of the editors of the magazine of the historical society of the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Dr. J.W.A. (Jan) Korsten
Eindhoven University of Technology
Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
IPO-building, room 2.27
P.O. box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tel: 040-2474641
Fax: 040-2444602

Erik van der Vleuten

Erik van der Vleuten (1968) is professor in the History of Technology at Eindhoven Univerisity of Technology and is appointed as Scientific Director of the Foundation of Technology in October 2015.

He published on the historical shaping, governance, vulnerability, and societal implications of infrastructure, including energy, transport, communication, water, food, industrial, financial, and ecological infrastructure. He also developed broader syntheses and concepts, e.g. on the networked nation, Europe’s infrastructure transition, transnational system building, transnational infrastructure vulnerability, and the promises and pitfalls of a transnational history of technology.

Erik is a program director at the Netherlands/Flemish N.W. Posthumus Institute for economic and social history. In Tensions of Europe, he co-organized international research programs on Networking Europe (running 1999-2005) and Europe’s Critical Infrastructure (running 2007-2011); served on several ToE advisory and transition committees; and chairs the ToE management committee in 2013-15. His latest publications include Högselius, Hommels, Kaijser & v.d. Vleuten (eds.), The Making of Europe’s Critical Infrastructure. Common Connections and Shared Vulnerabilities (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013); and Högselius, Kaijser, v.d. Vleuten. Europe’s Infrastructure Transition: Economy, War, Nature (Palgrave Macmillan, in press).