The projects of the Foundation for the History of Technology can be grouped as follows:

A new History of Europe

Since 1999, the Foundation for the History of Technology has coordinated the implementation of the research agenda of the Tensions of Europe research network, which includes more than 250 scientists from all over Europe and the United States. The network investigates the historical development of infrastructures, transnational technological collaborations and the circulation of commodities, systems, knowledge, and people.

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Current individual projects


History of technology of the Netherlands

From 1988 until 2003, the Foundation for the History of Technology coordinated two national research and publication programs on the history of technology in the Netherlands in the 19thand 20th centuries. These programs resulted in two book series: a six-volume book series on the 19th century and a seven-volume book series on the 20th century (abbreviated in Dutch as TIN-19 and TIN-20, respectively). 

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Finished individual projects

The Foundation for the History of Technology also conducts historical research commissioned by business, government institutions and civil society. The research output is usually in the form of a (jubilee) book, report, or exhibition. In some cases, historical research is used as part of policy studies (for example, to illuminate long-term trends and factors that stimulate innovation) in order to estimate the scope for future policymaking. The projects are grouped thematically. The central themes are the history of research and development, the history of computing, transport history, and historical innovations. 

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The Foundation for the History of Technology aims to disseminate knowledge and research results as widely as possible. To this end, the Foundation employs various media, including books, websites, teaching material, and magazine articles.

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