Producing Bulgarian Yoghurt: Manufacturing and Exporting Authenticity

Producing Bulgarian Yoghurt looks at how an ordinary product such as yoghurt can be so closely intertwined with health, longevity, consumption, and economics, yet also with the national identity formation and European integration of a country like Bulgaria. By studying how the authenticity of Bulgarian yoghurt has been created over time, the author explores the ways in which food and culture shape each other.

Combining a wide array of sources, this book unravels the story of yoghurt becoming an authentic product through the interaction among citizens, consumers, producers, scientists, and politicians. It focuses on how the exchange of food across national borders contributed to a process of European integration hidden under the radar of the European Unionís official political stage. This is an original contribution to the history of technology and food studies, while also making visible the kind of tensions national identity caused within the context of Europe.

Elitsa Stoilova
Amsterdam University Press
978 90 8964 652 1