Digital Museum

European Digital Museum

This remarkable European digital museum explores the history, culture and formation of Europe through the lens of technological objects and images.

Historians and cultural heritage institutions from across Europe have joined in this pioneering collaboration. Inventing Europe brings the Making Europe book series to life by interrelating it with the collections of over eleven cultural heritage institutions.

What can a floppy disk drive, a film about the Trans Europe Express or samples of chemical dye tell about Europe? On Inventing Europe visitors will discover that nothing is quite what it seems and that there is more to an object than appears at first sight.

Visitors can follow a number of object-based tours through the history of the last century and a half. The tours are collected within different exhibitions that explore the broader themes of Daily Lives, Media & Communications, Knowledge Societies, Infrastructure, Globalization and Governance. Visitors will see how the grand processes of history have worked through localized objects and interactions.

We welcome participation from relevant cultural heritage collections, and invite them to contact us


Visitor are invited to log into the interactive environment, MyEurope, on the website and engage actively with this new history. In MyEurope visitors can create their own tours through European history, sharing their knowledge, experiences and objects with the Inventing Europe community. They can also pose questions to curators, start or join in ongoing discussions, and share their favorite objects and stories with their friends.

The Inventing Europe community consists of people with many backgrounds (cultural heritage, science, teachers, students and others with an interest in this new history), from all ages and from all corners of the world.


The App connects this Digital Museum with the tangible world.

Visitors learn how 100 years of inventions built Europe by exploring the Philips exhibition of Inventing Europe’s partner, Museum Boerhaave of the Netherlands. Whether they visit the exhibition at the museum or discover it virtually, the app will open up a new and European context to this tangible exhibition through exciting, well-researched narratives and digital images from cultural heritage collections all over Europe.

Visitors can bookmark, search, comment on, and share stories and objects. They can also build their own European exhibitions and go on a real personalized tour at Museum Boerhaave, based on items that reflect their own personal taste and interests.

The app will be updated regularly with new exhibitions facilitated by science and technology museums across the European continent, from Norway to the Netherlands and from Hungary to Germany.

Education program

Inventing Europe has developed a new educational program where students across Europe learn new ways of engaging with rich primary materials. European universities in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Sweden already use Inventing Europe as a teaching tool.

Europe Interrupted

Inventing Europe was developed from the prototype “Europe, Interrupted”. Europe Interrupted drew on the work of the European Science Foundation-funded research program “Inventing Europe” and the collections of five science and technology museums. 

Our thanks go to the Inventing Europe partner institutions:

Inventing Europe is also a pilot project of the Europeana API.